Marketing Initiatives


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Marketing Initiatives

Below are some of the marketing exercises we carried out when launching the Baby Genius DVDs in India:


Pre-launch awareness

  • Prior to the launch, we met all major distributors and retailers across the country and gave them presentations about the range.
  • These personal meetings introduced the brand to our trade partners and generated an interest among them to sell.
  • Catalogues & samples sent to distributors, retailers & parenting magazines.


  • Further to the international specification, an outer sleeve was designed, which was embossed and laminated.
  • This gave the DVD a higher visual appeal and made the product stand out over others in this category. 

In-store Promotions

  • Increased product visibility through floor dispensers, table top dispensers & shelf talkers. 
  • Over a 100 floor standing dispensers have been placed in retail stores throughout the country.
  • Built brand awareness through posters, danglers, floor stickers, banners & other visual merchandise. 
  • DVD samplers given for airplay in stores.
  • In stores activities planned in April- art/coloring contests, games & video shows.
  • Book marks, stickers & other give-aways to be distributed to consumers at key national book stores & toy stores.




Print Publicity
  • Product review in the Feb isuue of Mother & Baby, India
  • Cross promotional tie-up with Mother & Baby to distribute vouchers to create more awareness