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Mission Statement
At Baby Genius, we know that music makes a difference. Music is a driving force in the growth, development and well being of a young child, and plays a powerful role in stimulating young minds and building confidence in the critical early stages of a child’s life. Our innovative, entertaining products feature music as a core-learning tool, engaging and encouraging children to communicate, connect, discover, and express themselves. Baby Genius products let parents take an active role in their child’s development through the joys of music. Music makes a difference—and we want to make a difference in the life of your child effectively.


 Why Music Matters

Research studies have linked music with enhanced brain development as well as increased language, memory, coordination and social skills. Moreover, children instinctively love singing, dancing, rhythm and rhyme! All Baby Genius products feature music as the central core to the discovery and learning process. We strive to provide healthy fun and creative entertainment for the whole family, emphasizing the joy of learning together. All of us at Baby Genius believe that in a child’s world, Music Makes a Difference!




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