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Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train, created by Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold!), is set in a whimsically realistic, prehistoric world of jungles,swamps, active volcanoes and oceans. Each day, Dinosaur Train will help kids ages 3 to 6 to apply scientific thinking as they discover new types of dinosaur species, compare and contrast dinosaurs to today's creatures and embrace the living sciences of paleontology and natural science. The half-hour shows feature two animated episodes; each followed by short live action segments with a real paleontologist interacting with kids who love to explore the world around them.


Based on input from paleontologists, science educators and early childhood education experts, Dinosaur Train promotes critical thinking skills for preschoolers based on an engaging and creative curriculum.Featuring, Buddy, a curious, young Tyrannosaurus Rex and his adoptive Pteranodon family, each episode is a new adventure of fun and learning as they explore the prehistoric world on the Dinosaur Train. From seeing snow at the North Pole for the first time, to unearthing Jurassic fossils, or learning about new species, Buddy, Don, Tiny and Shiny can always be counted on to ask important questions and seek the answers scientifically





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