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Series Overview

Get ready for this timeless tale of good vs. evil set in a truly modern context.

The world is facing an energy crisis and is hungry for an alternative sourceof energy. Ravan, the demon king has reincarnated as an evil businesstycoon called Rock Shah. He along with his aide, Suroopa and an eccentric scientist, Vishwa has developed a technology to extract power from volcanoes, to feed the world’s demand for energy. However, he secretly plans to use this energy to destroy the planet and all its inhabitants.But evil never goes unchallenged. Hanuman, on the advice of Vaayu returns once more to the earth to help the chosen one, Kabir stop Rock Shah’s evil plans. Kabir, a bright teenager teams up with his sister Maya and Hanuman to fight the forces of evil and save the world.





Series Overview

Kuttu and Chutti, two playful children are gearing up for a Sunday of mischief and excitement. As they set about their apartment looking for their next prank, they come across their grandmother seated deep in prayer.They discover it is the auspicious occasion of Sivaratri.

They are intrigued and urge their grandmother to tell them more about Siva. They sit down, fascinated, as she narrates to them the timeless tales of Lord Siva.
 Series Overview

Join us on a cartoony throwback to a time of Kings and Kingdoms, to a place called Vijaynagara. Sneak a peak into its royal court. Look past the valiant king and the pompous Rajguru, look past the queen and the courtiers...train your eyes on that unassuming face - for he is the hero, the Prince of wit, the inimitable Tenali Raman!



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